Welcome to Ofrenda! This is just the start

This website has started! It all came out from the fact that talking about death is difficult around the world except in Mexico… where it’s the central part of a great festival. So why not start with a fresh look to ofrendas and the broad perspective they can bring us?

What is this website?

The goal of this website is to start talking about ofrendas, the offerings made in Mexico for the Dia de Muertos. There will be plenty more posts on this subject so don’t worry for now if it all seems foreign for now. Let’s extend a warm welcome to all of our readers and wish them a memorable time starting to learn about ofrendas… and maybe one day making your own!

On this website you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun too, so get onboard now.

A world of colours and contrasts

The day of the dead is a unforgettable experience uniting colours, history and cultures. Look at the pictures and you’ll see there’s a lot that meets the eye: rarely have traditions been so strongly knitted together in a most witful way.

An ofrenda is a joyful offering made to the deceased
An ofrenda is a joyful offering made to the deceased

Get ready for it

Looking at ofrendas is a superbe way of coming close to the Mexican culture with its gods and beliefs. Wether or not you already know about it, you’ll be surprised by its historic roots and mesmerising colours. Did you know this tradition dates from the Aztec? They used the flower of the dead called cempazuchitl to decorate the living world and encourage the dead to join in the celebrations.

As a matter of fact, follow us, you’re just at the starting of a great adventure!

The Ofrenda team

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